Office Nook Makeover

I’m so excited to (finally) be able to share this little office nook with you all – it’s been a long time coming! This is an open area on the second floor of our home, so I wanted to create something that would always look pretty (you can’t exactly close the door on it) but that was also practical. We actually do have a study (with a closing door and everything) but it’s generally occupied by my husband and/or the stacks of paperwork that seem to follow him home from the hospital each day.. So it’s definitely not what I would call pretty. I work from home as a mental health clinician, in addition to my freelance work creating content and building my own brand, so it’s really nice to have somewhere that’s all mine. It’s such a sunny little space (Mau & Mooncake are always hanging out here), so I wanted to make the most of it and create something I would actually use.

I’m all about the neutrals (in case you hadn’t noticed), and wanted to keep the tones fairly natural and the styling minimal. The desk itself is quite small, so it was important for me to keep it as clear as possible – that way I don’t have to move a bunch of things every time I want to use it. Having a floor lamp (as opposed to a desk lamp) definitely helped in the space-saving department, and adds great height, working to enlarge the space overall. I also decided to hang a few decor items on the wall (i.e., the dried flowers and print cards), so I can literally leave the desk empty without it looking EMPTY empty.. Am I making any sense?

Another major consideration for me was the proportions of the decor items I chose – there’s nothing I like more than good balance! The proportions of the shelves themselves meant that the larger shelves needed larger items (to keep things looking balanced), and the smaller shelves needed smaller items. To avoid a bottom-heavy look, I made sure the largest item (i.e., the cushion) was super neutral and least likely to grab your attention. I also chose a basket (for the second largest shelf) that you could see through – that way it balances out the larger shelf without actually taking up a great deal of visual space. Another advantage of having a floor lamp here = it gives the top shelf substantially more weight, and works to balance out the space as a whole.

I had SO MUCH FUN creating this little space, and I really hope you love it as much as I do! Product details to follow –

1. Urban Desk from Mocka

2. Urban Ladder Shelf from Mocka

3. Wishbone Dining Chair from Freedom
– out of stock (for something similar, try Cintesi)

4. Black Floor Lamp from Kmart
– out of stock (for something similar, try Lighting Direct)

5. Sangro Cushion 45×45 from Freedom

6. Mustard Basket Large (in White) from Shut The Front Door

7. The Kinfolk Home & The Kinfolk Table from Book Depository

8. Anatomical Vertebrae Model
– unknown source (for something similar, try Med Shop)

9. Mini Milk Bottle Vase
– unknown source (for something similar, try Kmart)

10. Porcelain Tealight / LED Light Houses from Citta
– out of stock (for something similar, try Iko Iko)

11. Dried Flowers from Petal Pusher

12. Line Drawing Print Card from Maiko Nagao

13. Lemon Print Card from Micush Illustrated

14. Irregular Mug in White from Kmart

FYI – I’ve also linked these products (and a bunch of others) over on my SHOP page. As always, let me know if there’s something in particular you’re after and I’ll do my best to track it down!



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