My Dried Flower Wall and Daybed Dreams

I am beyond excited to share my new favourite spot in our home at the moment, featuring (yes, you guessed it) the dreamiest dried flower wall and daybed situation. This room has been sitting in varying forms of emptiness since we moved in almost two years ago (way to make use of your space, Fleur) so I thought it was high time I actually did something with it. We already had a guest room, an office / studio hybrid, and an open workspace (which you can check out here) so my goal was to create a casual sort of second living area. A cosy spot to watch TV or read a book or take a nap… You get the idea.

I also thought it might just be the perfect place to try out my dried flower wall idea. Ever since I saw @taramilktea stick flowers to her wall back in April, I reeeeeally wanted to try something similar with dried flowers because (a) dried flowers are my vibe, and (b) they last forever!!!! I raided my own dried flower stash (using a combination of flowers and foliage I had dried myself and stems I had purchased pre-dried) and attached them to the wall using a cream-coloured washi tape.

It was so much easier than I expected (it probably took me about an hour all up?) and miraculously turned out EXACTLY as I had hoped. For anyone wanting a little more detail: I cut each “type” of flower / foliage at once (e.g., 10 little eucalyptus stems) and spread them fairly evenly across the wall before moving on to the next “type”. That way I didn’t have to pre-plan where everything would go, and still managed to keep things looking balanced (and avoid clumps of one flower or big empty spaces).

I did have to redo the washi tape for a few of the stems before it held properly, as it’s not the stickiest thing in the world, but that’s also the advantage: it won’t damage your paint! I bought my washi tape from Kmart a couple of years ago – I would link it but the pastel pack is currently sold out (RIP). It’s v easy to find in a pretty massive range of colours and patterns though, and definitely shouldn’t cost you much at all.

I originally planned on putting a couch in here buuuuut then I saw this Mocka bed frame and there was no going back. I absolutely love the height it provides, while also making the space feel super cosy as the bed itself is so low to the ground. Plus it has the huge advantage of easily doubling as another guest bed: Carl’s brother and his family are coming to stay for Christmas this year and it’ll be SO handy to have one of the kids sleeping here.

I also managed to squeeze in the cutest little IKEA desk to give me a quiet spot for my never-ending Skype meetings, and added some mood lighting (not for the Skype meetings 👀), all my favourite linen, and a seriously beautiful dried arrangement by Little Leaf Florals. Aaaaand that’s it!


1. House Bed (Single) by Mocka (AD / collab):

2. Vale Single Mattress by Mocka (AD / collab):

3. Copper String Lights by Freedom (I used two packs of 400 lights):

3. Multiple Light Floor Lamp by Kmart:

4. Glass Laptop Table (IKEA) via Flux Boutique:

5. Jerry Dining Chair (not visible here) by AC Homestore:

6. Dried Floral Arrangement by Little Leaf Florals:

7. Wildflower Linen Pillowcase by Citta:

8. Other French Flax Linen by Foxtrot Home:



  1. October 6, 2020 / 7:36 am

    Okay I am OBSESSED! I knew you would create something beautiful with this space but this is above and beyond. The lamp is so perfect too.

    • October 19, 2020 / 1:28 am

      Aww thank you so much, Sharni! I’m so happy with it too.

  2. Jess
    November 24, 2022 / 10:11 am

    Hello there! Would you mind sharing what colours in the foxtrot linen for each items you went for on this bedding? Looks so beautiful!

    • December 19, 2022 / 1:22 am

      Thank you! The Foxtrot colours are ochre and blush – there’s also some Ezibuy blush mixed in as well, and a floral pillowcase from Citta (that one’s called Wildflower). I hope that helps!!

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