Mocka Furniture Review

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Mocka furniture. I’ve had sooooooo many pieces in my home over the years (many of which you’ve likely seen on Instagram) and the quality etc is something I get asked about almost EVERY DAY. I’ve been meaning to write up an official review for ages (how ’bout that follow through huh!?), and here I finally am! This is in no way sponsored, by the way, so I feel absolutely zero obligation to be kind. 👋

THE PRICE. This is obviously a big drawcard for me (and probably for a lot of you thinking about making a purchase), and I really don’t think the prices could be much lower. I love not having to worry that certain pieces are going to lose their value in a couple of years if I want to sell them on, because they were so affordable to begin with. It just feels a lot less risky, especially for someone who can be a little indecisive when it comes to interiors! They have pretty regular sales too, so it definitely pays to keep an eye on things for a while before placing an order, just in case.

THE QUALITY. This is definitely the number one thing I get asked about!! I think the prices are just so low that it can make people a little suspicious (which I understand), but I’ve honestly never had an issue with the quality. I’ve had a super wide range of pieces (armchairs, drawers, shelves, desks, buffets, stools) but they’ve all been lovely. Obviously the wooden pieces are usually MDF / veener as opposed to solid wood, but the quality is comparable to any other MDF / veneer products (like those sold at Freedom or the like) but at a much lower price point. I recently helped my aunt and uncle order a bunch of different Mocka side tables (for context: they’re the kind of people that would ordinarily spend $1,000 on a single side table) and they were suuuuuper happy with them all, so it can’t just be me!

THE ASSEMBLY. Pretty much everything I’ve ever bought from Mocka has had to be assembled, so I’ve had a LOT of experience in this department by now. I think my husband assembled our buffet, but everything else I’ve done myself. Flatpack furniture is always a bit of a pain (especially drawers) but it’s all very doable, and definitely worth the $$ you save! You don’t need a handyman or any experience – every piece comes with super clear instructions and everything you need (other than the occasional screwdriver) – and I’ll be the first to admit just how satisfying it is.

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave me a comment below or click here to send me a private message.

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