Mau’s Kmart Picks

Like most people in the world, I’m a pretty big Kmart fan. And like most fashionable pets, so is Mau. 😅 We don’t have a Kmart store here in Taranaki (thank you for your sympathies at this difficult time), so I really have no choice but to shop online every other day. They’ve just brought out a new range of pet products and there are sooooooo many goodies! I love buying things for Mau – possibly a little too much – so I try to stick to things that we *both* like the look of. The first part of my order arrived this morning, and I’m pleased to report that we’re *both* in love!

I’ve slowly been adding some of Mau’s favourite things to my SHOP page, but I thought I’d share some of our favourites from this new range as well – just in case you have a four-legged friend that needs spoiling too. 💕💕

1. Plush Koala Pet Toy, $5.

2. Pet Beanie with Ears, $3.—assorted/2017312

3. Pet Kennel, $29.

4. Cat Litter Box, $29.

5. Squeaky Food Pet Toy, $3 each.

6. Pet Knit Jumper, $7.—pink,-small/1961336

7. Cat Scratcher House, $6.

8. Three Piece Cat Toy, $2.


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