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It’s been a while since I shared some of Mau & Mooncake’s favourite products! We had a MAJOR clean out when we moved into our new apartment at the end of last year, and that meant getting rid of every cat accessory that a) the puds didn’t use, and b) I hated looking at. These seven things are basically all that made the cut!

one | | Pidan Cat House & Scratcher from Paws&Tails, NZ$20.21
The cutest little cat carton!! It has a cardboard scratch floor, which our puds love, and the little holes on the sides make it perfect for playing (or for hunting each other). Mooncake has had at least one nap in it every single day since we brought it home. Such a win!

two | | Cat Laser Toy from Kmart, NZ$13
I honestly don’t know how we went so long without this! Any time the puds are causing trouble, I just turn the laser on and they give it 100% of their attention. It has a few different settings but I always use the third one, as it automatically shuts off after about 10 minutes (which means I can just forget about it). I cannot recommend this enough!

three | | Ribbons (in various shades  of pink ofc) from Spotlight, around NZ$12 for a spool
I buy all my gift wrapping ribbons from Spotlight these days and I always have a couple out for the puds to play with, which they both LOVE. It feels so much less messy having ribbons strewn around the room when they’re actually colours I like and that go with my decor. They last a long time too, I probably only replace them a couple of times a year.

four | | Felt Christmas decorations from IKO IKO, NZ$2.50 – $14.90
Our puds are obsessed with anything felt, especially Mooncake! Every Christmas I make sure I buy a few cute decorations for them to play with and they’re always such a hit. They do get pretty destroyed but it’s so worth it! Plus (like the ribbons) you can buy the ones that suit your aesthetic.

five | | Furrytail Semi-Closed House Litter Box, AU$149
Such a tidy litter house! It does a great job at keeping all the litter inside (our puds used to drive me crazy by scooping litter over the side of the box) and hiding any grossness from view. It also has a handy tray inside where you can keep your litter scoop and/or litter liners. My only complaint is that our puds seem to have a bit of trouble navigating inside the house itself, so they don’t bury things as well as they used to.

six | | Triangle Cat Scratching Board from The Market, NZ$24.98
This is another absolute fave!! Mau is a vertical scratcher (think the side of the couch) and Mooncake is a horizontal scratcher (think carpet) so it can be tricky to find scratching posts that suit them both. They absolutely LOVE this one though and use it all day every day. They scratch it, play with it, sleep on it… It does start shedding cardboard after a while (I’ve started vacuuming it every few days which helps), but it is absolutely worth it!!
P.S. Make sure you get this on special from The Market, as otherwise the price jumps to something crazy like $70. If it’s not on special, I usually just search for it on Google and can pretty much always find one for $25.

seven | | Mushroom Scratching Post from Mighty Ape, NZ$39
Mau in particular seems to enjoy using sisal scratching posts and this one is so cute. Even though our apartment isn’t massive, we definitely need (at least) two scratching posts. Mooncake does use it here and there (especially when it’s play time) but it’s better suited to vertical scratchers like Mau.


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