Living Room Update

I thought it might be time for a bit of a living room update! I find it funny how a space can feel completely “finished” one minute, and then the next minute I’m completely overhauling it. It used to make me feel like a crazy person, buuuuut I’m learning to embrace it. 😅 I’ve made quite a few changes to this little corner since I last posted, and I absolutely LOVE the way it’s all come together.

This dried arrangement (by the lovely Petal Pusher in New Plymouth) has been such a game changer! I’m quite possibly the last person in the world to get the memo (why didn’t you tell me??), but I’ve only just realised that dried arrangements are a thing.. I love being able to incorporate florals into my home in a much more permanent way. I now have two dried bouquets (one in the living room and one in the guest bedroom), AND a hanging arrangement in the kitchen / dining area (which I swear I will show you eventually).

I’ve also found myself swapping out greys for creams, which I’m really enjoying. I love the added warmth it brings! I never used to think of cream as a warm colour, but I think it really can be (especially when paired with dusty pinks and wood tones). I’m also loooooving velvet and linen together: it’s officially my favourite combo (outside of McDonald’s) and one that I’m finding myself using more and more.

Being on Instagram (and posting regularly) means I always have an up-to-date record of my home and style, and how much they both seem to change over time, and is something I’m really starting to appreciate. It’s kind of bizarre how much I’ve learned about my own style (and continue to learn), just by curating my own Instagram feed. I think the bottom line is that it’s always a work-in-progress, much like the rest of me. 👋 Product details to follow!

1. Astrid Chair Depalma (in Ivory) by Freedom.

2. Broadway Round Cushion (in Peach) by Freedom.

3. Washed Velvet Quilted Throw by Città.

4. Assorted Vases (pack of 3) by Kmart.

5. Dried floral arrangement (made to order) by Petal Pusher.

6. Glass Round Side Table by Kmart.
Unfortunately this is no longer in stock, buuuuut I’ll let you know if it ever pops up again.

7. Picasso Prints by PosterArtPrints – these are downloadable prints so you can choose your own sizing (mine are A2).

8. Box Poster Frame by Living & Co. 

9. Issa Throw (in White Alyssum) by Freedom.

10. Melburn Basket by Freedom.


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