Kitchen Favourites

I’m currently in the (very slow) process of cleaning out my kitchen: my goal is to be left solely with pieces that are both practical AND pretty. This means getting rid of a lot of junk (I honestly don’t know where I got half the crap that clutters my kitchen cupboards), and swapping out the Handy But Ugly for the Equally Handy But Also Pretty. 😅 I find myself becoming increasingly aware of how pretty things positively impact my everyday life: small, simple pleasures really can make a surprising difference to how I feel. Plus, it’s not as if choosing something beautiful automatically means choosing something more expensive. I absolutely love my wooden spoons, and yet most of them were actually cheaper than their plastic equivalent. For me, it’s more about taking the time to thoughtfully select each piece (rather than quickly grabbing something simply based on need). So in an attempt to further motivate myself, I thought I’d share a few of my kitchen favourites at the moment. Clockwise from bottom left:

1. Kali Serving Board (27cm).

2. General Eclectic Canisters (in Satin White, Small).

Or try here if they don’t have the Satin White in stock:

3. Wiltshire Wooden Spoons (3 Pack).

4. Maxwell & Williams Bamboozled Solid Turner (33cm).


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