Finding the Perfect Linen Combo

Finding the perfect linen combo can be tricky (and is a pretty common subject in my DMs) so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites, as well as my go-to formula for simple linen styling. All of these colour combos have been sourced via Foxtrot Home, as this is where I’m currently buying most of my linen, but they can easily be swapped out for your preferred brand.

If you want to incorporate some more pattern into your linen combo, I suggest checking out the following: Citta (I have their Wildflower pillowcases which I absolutely love), A&C Homestore (for gingham and wider stripes), and I Love Linen (also for gingham).

As you’ll soon see, I generally go for two block colours, a pattern (e.g., a stripe, gingham, floral), and layer it all on top of a white linen valance. I personally prefer layering the bolder colours on top and using the lighter / more neutral colours as a base. Our eye is naturally going to be drawn to the bolder colours, so I feel like having these on top helps to create a sense of balance, and lets the lighter colours play their part by adding depth and dimension.

I’ll let you know which pieces I would choose in which colour as I go, but I don’t think you can really go too wrong. Happy linen styling!

1. Ochre + Blush Pink + Grey Stripes + White

You might recognise this combo from the photo above – it’s one of my absolute faves and has been on repeat in our bedroom for more than a year now. I have an ochre quilt and pillowcases, a blush pink duvet cover and pillowcases, grey stripe sheets and euro pillowcases, and a white valance.

2. Olive Green + Natural + Pinstripes + White

Here I would probably go for an olive green quilt and pillowcases, a natural duvet cover and pillowcases, pinstripe sheets and euro pillowcases, and a white valance. These colours are so earthy / natural, I feel like they would be especially easy to mix and match.

3. Tobacco + Tobacco Stripes + Rosewood Pink + White

I absolutely love the tobacco + tobacco stripes combo, and am pretty sure they would work well with almost any other (warm-hued) colour, or even just with white. I like the sound of a tobacco quilt and pillowcases, a rosewood pink duvet cover and euro pillowcases, tobacco stripe sheets and pillowcases, and a white valance.

4. Olive Green + Olive Green Stripes + Blush Pink + White

Here I would go for an olive green quilt and pillowcases, a blush pink duvet cover and pillowcases, olive green stripe sheets and euro pillowcases, and a white valance. For a more neutral or masculine look, I would swap out the blush pink for something like natural.

5. Midnight Blue + Light Grey + Grey Stripes + White

I love this cooler toned look (although you might not find it in my house): it feels simple and neutral, but has enough going on to keep it interesting. I would go for a midnight blue duvet cover and pillowcases, a light grey quilt and euro pillowcases, grey stripe sheets and pillowcases, and a white valance.

6. Ochre + Pink Stripes + Blush Pink + White

This combo is another staple in my home and one that I can’t imagine ever getting tired of. We have an ochre duvet cover and pillowcases, pink stripe sheets, blush pink pillowcases, and a white valance. If I was going to add anything else, I think it would be a blush pink quilt and pink stripe euro pillowcases.

7. Tobacco + Tobacco Stripes + Olive Green + White

Aside from my usual ochre + blush mash-ups, I think tobacco + olive green is my favourite combo (and one that may very well make it into my home sometime soon). I would go for an olive green quilt and pillowcases, a tobacco duvet cover and pillowcases, tobacco stripe sheets and euro pillowcases, and a trusty white valance.

8. Lilac Purple + Sage Green + Grey Stripes + White

Here I would go for a sage green duvet cover and pillowcases, lilac purple pillowcases, grey stripe sheets, and a white valance. I feel like the sage green and lilac are so similarly toned, you could really mix them interchangeably for a super soft look. Perhaps adding a lilac purple quilt and grey stripe euro pillowcases.


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