Dining Chair Roundup

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If you’ve been following my Instagram story lately, you probably know that I’ve been searching for the perfect desk chair to go in my brand new study nook. After almost too much deliberation, I decided to look for a “dining” chair, rather than an “office” chair. The office chair options are just sooooooo much more limited than their dining counterpart and, in my opinion, nowhere near as pretty. I don’t really need to be able to roll my desk chair around (or adjust the height), so a dining chair just seemed to make more sense for me. They also have the added bonus of being a thousand times more versatile: I can’t really imagine styling a wheely office chair as a bedside table, or in a cute entryway. 😅

I had so many messages from people in a similar boat (i.e., chair shopping), so I thought I’d share my shortlist with you! They range quite a lot in price, from $39 (no. 2) to POA (which we all know directly translates to “expensive”). I ended up going with no. 7, but I’m so in love with all of these chairs, I thought you might be too.

Happy chair shopping!


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