Cute Christmas Decor

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I can’t believe it’s already time to shop for Christmas decor again! Every year I seem to be getting better at decorating for Christmas in a way that really suits me and my home (rather than just going for a “Christmas” theme) and I must admit it’s SO MUCH FUN. I absolutely love the earthy neutrals available at stores like Citta and A&C Homestore this season, so I thought I’d put together a list of my favourite festive pieces to share with you lovely people. Happy shopping!

One – Oval Spira Christmas Tree by Citta, $249
Two – Dried Floral Wreath by Citta, $139
Three – Metallic Banksia by A&C Homestore, $19.99
Four – Metallic Pine Branch by A&C Homestore, $29.99
Five – Hand-Painted Porcelain Star Ornament by Citta, $9.90
Six – Porcelain House Candle Holder by Citta, $34.90
Seven – Velvet Xmas Stocking by A&C Homestore, $59.99
Eight – Small Rose Gold Acorn Bauble by A&C Homestore, $8.99
Nine – Handmade Woollen Dog Hanging Decoration by Citta, $11.90
Ten – Ceramic Bauble w/ Brass Topper by Citta, $4.90
Eleven – Half Liberty Tree by A&C Homestore, $469.99
Twelve – Gingerbread House Gift Tag Pack of 4 by Citta, $9.90


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