Cosy Cushion Roundup

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No matter how many cushions I have in my home, I always seem to have room for ONE MORE (and let’s be honest, sometimes a lot more than one). Swapping out soft furnishings like throws and cushions is such an easy way to update a space, especially if you tend to go for a more neutral base like I do. I swear I could change the entire colour-scheme of my living room simply by replacing the cushions – in fact, I have! Can you believe I used to be a cool-tone-only kind of girl?? Clearly I’ve left cool tones in my past because LOOK AT THESE CUSHIONS. I’m absolutely loving the dusty pinks and earthy neutrals out there at the moment, so here are a few of my faves just in case you’re looking to make a little room.

one – Spot Cushion in Hazel by A&C Homestore, $89.99 | two – Archway Earthtone Cushion by A&C Homestore, $179.99 | three – Bonnie Woven Cushion Cover by Citta, $79.90 | four – Cotton Velvet Cushion Cover in Peacan by Citta, $54.90 | five – Meru Tibetan Lamb Cushion by A&C Homestore, $169.99 | six – Cotton Velvet Round Cushion Cover in Scoria Tint by Citta, $54.90 | seven – Still Life Cushion Cover in Malt/Biscuit by Citta, $89.90 | eight – Milford Moss Stitch Cushion by Mulberi, $79.99 | nine – Valle Pom Pom Cushion in Almond by Artisan’s Tale, $175.00


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