All Your Questions About Dried Flowers

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know just how much I love dried flowers. Coincidentally (or perhaps not at all) so many of you seem to share this love, and have all the questions that I once had. To make it a little easier, I thought I’d put together a list of FAQs for your reference. 👋

Where do you get your dried flowers?

I have two dried bouquets and a hanging arrangement that were made-to-order by the lovely Petal Pusher in Taranaki. The rest of my dried flowers and foliage were bought from the supermarket, foraged from the side of the road, or saved from fresh bouquets.

How do you dry flowers and foliage yourself?

I usually just hang them upside down and leave them in a well-lit room. I’m definitely no expert, but this seems to be working for me so far! When I’m foraging, I try to collect branches that are already dried so I know what I have to work with (as opposed to cutting fresh branches and drying them at home).

How long do they last?

All three of my Petal Pusher arrangements still look brand new after 6 – 12 months, so I’m expecting them to last for a reaaaaally long time. I’m not sure if the ones I’ve dried myself will fare as well over time, but will have to wait and see! So far it’s all looking good.

Does your hanging arrangement shed?

Surprisingly, no! There’s quite a lot of pampas grass in it, so I was expecting this to be a bit of a problem (especially as it hangs directly above our kitchen bench). But I followed my florist’s advice and sprayed it with hairspray beforehand, and it honestly hasn’t shed AT ALL.

How do you order a dried arrangement?

My advice would be to approach your favourite florist and ask if this is something they’re able to do for you. My florist didn’t have dried bouquets listed on her website or anything – I just asked and she said yes! It helps to have an idea of what you want beforehand (and preferably some photos) so your florist can easily see what kind of colour palette / overall mood you’re after.

Are dried arrangements particularly expensive?

I don’t think so! It can be a longer process for your florist (as dried flowers obviously take time to dry and tend to be more delicate to work with), so I would definitely expect it to be more expensive than a fresh arrangement of the same size. However, they last SO MUCH LONGER than fresh flowers that they always work out to be better value in the long run.

How have you hung your dried arrangement from the ceiling?

For now, I’ve just used removable Command Wire Hooks, as it took me a few tries before I found a placement that worked. I am looking to replace these with something more permanent (and less noticeable) soon, but they’ve been working really well so far. I’ve also used rope, which I do like the look of, but I think I’ll replace this with invisible wire for a more subtle look overall.

Does Mau try to eat your dried flowers?

Not really! She’s always excited when I first bring them home and wants to play with them (and probably eat them), but she loses interest almost immediately, so it hasn’t been a problem. I can leave them on the floor these days and she won’t even notice them. 😅

Do they have a smell?

Nope! None of my Petal Pusher arrangements have any kind of smell, even if the house has been shut up all day. Occassionally something I’ve tried (and failed) to dry myself will have a bit of a weird smell, but I always end up throwing it out.. Odor doesn’t seem to be a great sign!

Any tips for making dried flowers last longer?

I’m definitely no expert, but keeping them out of direct sunlight seems to help. I also try to keep mine away from windows or other places they might get blown around in the wind (especially my hanging arrangement). Otherwise, a light hairspray all over seems to work wonders!

Do they accumulate dust?

Not that I’ve noticed! I don’t think it would be too hard to lightly dust them if needed though.


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