5 Tips for Dreamy Bedside Styling

I recently asked my Instagram following what they’d like to see more of here on my blog, and the most common answer I got was “interior styling tips”. Sooooooo here I am, woefully out of my depth, but ready to give you what I’ve got, starting with bedsides. 👋

1. Keep it simple.

A bedside table needs to be functional, as well as beautiful. Leaving room for a book and a cup of coffee will make a big difference in terms of usability. I generally end up choosing three items to style on my bedside tables: a lamp, candle, and something pretty (e.g., an orchid, vase, or flower arrangement).

2. Use direction to make your bed the focal point.

It might sound crazy, but something as simple as angling a lamp can create a line of direction within a space. In a bedroom, angling a lamp in towards the bed, highlights it as the focal point in the room. In a weird way, it “points” towards the bed and naturally draws the eye. Having a lamp angling away from the bed likely draws the eye to the empty wall space next to the bedside table, and can make your bedside look a little disconnected from your bed.

3. Aim for balance rather than symmetry.

I personally don’t like toooooooo much symmetry between my bedsides. In my master bedroom, I have matching tables, but completely different lamps and accessories. However, they take up a similar amount of space on the tables, and have a similar colour palette. This creates balance, without needing everything to “match”. I really like the look of different tables too: these can be balanced by using the same wood tone or finish, or similar sizes in terms of how much space they take up (e.g., a chunky wooden table is going to look completely out of balance with a slender white table on the other side).

4. Save space if you need to.

There’s no point cramming a bedside table in if there’s not really space for it. Floor lamps and wall sconces are a great option if space is tight: these can replace a bedside table if they need to, or give you more room on a smaller bedside table. I love the simplicity of using stools as bedside tables, but they’re not overly practical in terms of space. HOWEVER, a stool and a floor lamp seems like a perfect combo.

5. Hide the clutter.

If you’ve got lots of *stuff* that you want to keep handy, opt for a bedside table with a drawer or two so you can hide it all away. I tend to choose simpler bedside tables (e.g., stools) for my guest bedrooms, and then go for something with a little storage for my own bedroom. Storage doesn’t have to mean “bulky” – there are lots of great minimalist options that include a drawer.

Aaaaaaand that’s it! If you’re in the market for a new side table, you might be interested in my post on Neutral Side Tables – so many dreamy options!! I’ve also linked a bunch of the products featured above over on my SHOP page, but feel free to get in touch if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Happy styling!


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